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Akinator is a free online game where a genie insists he can read your mind and will guess the real or fictional character you are thinking of while playing this game. The game has been hugely popular for the past several years due to its extremely interesting content. It has become a very famous game about predictability. It’s no secret that this genie is seriously onto it, the only secret here is how does he figure it out every time.

This game is available on PC and also as an app for your mobile device. The game is straightforward and all about the genie being able to guess who you are thinking of; this concept immediately triggers the curiosity fibers of people and is why there are so many people playing.


I myself played the game a few years back and was completely mind boggled but you come to learn that the game is one huge algorithm where there are a code and path that leads to categories making it easier for the genie to guess who you are thinking of. Many people have noted that anyone who asks that many questions should be able to guess who you are thinking of.


Like I said earlier, the game is relatively easy and straightforward to use. The main character of the game is a lamp god and you are introduced to this genie when you start the game. He will prompt you to think of a fictional character or celebrity as you fill out your age and then the game will begin. Next comes a series of questions from the character as he tries to crack just who it is you are thinking of. With each question, you will get approximately 5 answers to choose from and you need to pick the one the suits your character or celebrity best. You will go through about 15 to 20 questions before the genie gives you his answer as to who he thinks your character is. With his answer, you will also see a picture of your character and a short description of them too. The results are sure to surprise you, they sure did surprise me.


What is surprisingly impressive about this game is that it has the ability to search a database of millions of characters and celebrities and narrow it down to pinpoint the one you are thinking of.


When the game was first released it became widely popular on social media and even was mentioned on the Graham Norton show. Its circulation around social media and celebrities is a huge part of why this game became so popular.


Once you start playing the game it can become pretty addictive because you want to keep playing until you get to a point where you beat the genie. While the game and the genie may be shockingly smart and on to it, it is possible for the genie to guess wrong. In a moment like this, you gather pure triumph as you realized you ultimately outsmarted the genie, all you have to do is pick an extremely difficult character but one that is still common.


So yes, the game is highly impressive and a fun game to play, the only thing is though it can become boring and sometimes frustrating especially when the genie just keeps guessing the correct character you are thinking off. In saying that though everyone needs to test this genie out and play the game, you will be highly impressed and you will become addicted and the urge to defeat the genie will kick in. You can Akinator game on freegames66 now to experience it for yourself. Enjoy and have fun.